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Stem Cell Therapy Promises Treatment for A Variety of Ailments

It is a fact that our body ages along with our age. Our body undergoes several changes that remain unnoticed even for a very long time like slow depletion of our bone tissue and also blood vessels reducing their resilience, aside from the physical changes that are more obvious, including wrinkles, gray hair, and other biological changes as manifested by a reduction in social and also sexual activity, and a lot more. These conditions detain our body from doing our regular everyday routine.

In the last years, in an endeavor to discover a solution for every disease, one possible treatment that outdid the rest is stem cell therapy. The stem cell relates to a cell in the body that can potentially develop into any sort of cell. This can be collected from the various organs, and serve to replenish adult tissue and repair medium of the body.

Various stories about such a therapy are included into its list of success narratives on a daily basis. A woman, who is a well-known political figure before now retired and in her 80’s, has been treated of her persistent chronic disease after going through this therapy. Accordingly, she can hardly manage walking without the assistance of her cane in her period of turmoil after retirement from the public eye and disabled with illness because of old age. After she had gone through stem cell therapy, she is now able to walk easily minus the limp and her cane. Her young appeal starts to come back and her wrinkles slowly disappear.

She enthusiastically joked that she was never searching for the fountain of youth and that age isn’t an issue for her. What excites this lady after undergoing stem cell therapy is the potential of serviceable years. Human placenta, which is the vascular organ that develops inside a pregnant woman’s uterus released after birth, was used during her treatment.

Every type of stem cell can evolve into different cells. Other kinds of stem cell therapy include bone marrow, fetal and embryonic, of which the bone marrow is the most usual. Bone marrow harvested stem cells typically are used for treating cancers and diseases of the blood.

Stem cell therapy may be in its stage of development yet, but its viability has begun taking shape and we can hope for a better tomorrow in the field of medical research and in the treatment of many types of diseases. More experiments are being introduced to discover its intricacy and its side effects in the long term, as well as the rest of the pros as well as cons related to it.

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